To secure

Small and powerful

Oji Safe, the uvoji system disinfects water by removing pathogens instantly and on demand, using UV LED technology. As simple to use as lethalfor bacteria and viruses.

1st French water disinfection reactor integrating UV LEDs

In order to guarantee optimal and instantaneous water safety, and in particular to prevent possible bacteriological recontamination of water in distribution networks, uvoji has developed a range of systems using UV LEDs to disinfect water. A breakthrough technology to meet a major water accessibility challenge.


Processing capacity adapted to point-of-use applications up to 8L/min - 480L/h

UV dose

A UV dose adapted to each use, up to 40mJ/cm²

Efficiency and effectiveness

> 99.99% bacteriological destruction

Healthy disinfection

Provides instant water disinfection without the use of chlorine or chemicals


No modification of physico-chemical parameters

On-demand processing

Unlimited and automatic On/Off


Compactness, robustness


Low energy consumption Compatibility with RES coupling

Possible applications


Ideal product for maximum security of your water point

  • Very high treatment efficiency (>99.99%)
  • Longer service life on the market
  • No change in the nutritional qualities of the water
  • Easy to install and use
  • Adaptable to any plumbing
  • System Automatic On/Off
  • Low maintenance and no part
  • Replacement 100% efficiency = no water loss
  • Power supply possible by EnR battery coupling

Cold water
network-Sink unit

"Enjoy your tap water safely"

Hot water network
Shower - Lavabo

"Protect yourself from legionella risks, secure your hot water network"

Isolated sites
Outdoor water points

"Use your well or source without worrying about bacteria and viruses"


Ideal product to ensure a perfectly safe access to water for your employees and visitors

  • Health safety of your employees
  • Eco-responsible approach (fight against the use of plastic)
  • Low maintenance
  • In accordance with the norms and standards for ERP* (UV dose 40mJ/cm² available according to model)

*establishment receiving from the public


"Protect the health of your employees by adopting an eco-responsible approach and reduce your bottled water bills"

Company restaurant

"Secure your water, leave the plastic behind, and give your teams the benefit of healthy carafe water."

Tourist establishment

Ideal product to ensure optimal sanitary water quality for your customers

  • Low maintenance over the lifetime of the system
  • Longer service life on the market
  • Very low energy consumption (<0.4 Wh/L treated)
  • Eco-responsible approach
  • In accordance with the norms and standards for ERP* (UV dose 40mJ/cm² available according to model)

*establishment receiving from the public


"Adopt an eco-responsible approach by securing your water, and make it available to all your customers without fear"


"Safe carafe’s water without the addition of chlorine or chemicals."


"Your lodge even more eco-friendly and safe"


Ideal for integration into water treatment systems requiring a disinfection stage

The advantages of UV disinfection without the maintenance disadvantages

  • Ultra compact and robust product
  • Easy integration into existing environments
  • Possible coupling with batteries and EnR productions
  • Very low energy consumption (< 0.4 Wh/L of treated water)
  • Communicating system for a perfect integration
  • High-performance UV treatment (up to 40 mJ/cm² for the PREMIUM* range)
  • Longer service life on the market

* UV dose validated by bio dosimetry in accordance with dedicated international standards

Water Potabilization System

"On-demand disinfection and lower energy consumption are now possible"

Wastewater treatment system

"Secure the discharged water by disinfecting it bacteriologically"

Mobile water treatment system

"The efficiency of UV for mobility, thanks to low consumption and high compactness and robustness"


Bring a reliable, economical and robust solution to populations isolated in terms of water resources.

  • Robust systems
  • Directly connectable to solar energy or battery
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact systems
  • Certified disinfection performance for drinking water treatment

Isolated and resourceless sites

"Give access to drinking water via any type of renewable and maintenance-free energy"

Humanitarian crisis terrain

"Contain the risk of epidemic spread in humanitarian crisis areas with robust, energy self-sufficient and easy-to-use systems"