Powerful, filtering and disinfecting

The uvoji system makes it possible to make your water drinkable by filtering and disinfecting it using the Oji Safe reactor.
With Oji Pure, your well water, drilling and catchment will always be well treated and ready for use.

1st UV LED drinking water system integrating the Oji Safe reactor

Filtration adapted to the quality of the source allows the elimination of suspended particles, tastes and odours.
The UV LED module then instantly disinfects the water, ridding it of any pathogenic organisms.
Thus, treated and disinfected, the water retains its physico-chemical characteristics while being ready for use.


Suitable solution for drinking water from catchment, drilling and drawing water


Processing capacity adapted to point-of-use applications up to 8L/min - 480L/h

UV dose

A UV dose adapted to each use up to 40mJ/cm²

Efficiency and effectiveness

>99.99% bacteriological destruction

Healthy Disinfection

On-demand and instantaneous processing without mercury or chemicals


Filtered and dechlorinated water upstream for optimal UV treatment


No modification of physico-chemical parameters


Change of consumables every 6 months maximum, 3 months recommended in summer


Faible consommation énergétique
Compatibilité avec un couplage EnR


Low energy consumption Compatibility with EnR coupling
Format Compactness, robustness

Possible applications


Solution to make water from various sources (catchment, drilling or drawing) accessible for consumption in your living space

  • Making water accessible in remote areas
  • Limit the use and therefore the release of plastic
  • Expanding access to water for the greatest number of people Easy
  • coupling with renewable energy production

Network water

"Get rid of the bad tastes and smells of your water and never doubt its sanitary quality"

Isolated dwellings

"Secure and use your spring water by making it safe to drink"

Mobile homes

"Use clean water anywhere, anytime"

Commercial buildings

Ideal product to ensure perfectly safe access to water for your employees

  • Health safety of your employees
  • Taste and odour treatment in addition to water disinfection
  • Eco-responsible approach (fight against the use of plastic)
  • In accordance with the norms and standards for ERP* (UV dose 40mJ/cm² available according to model)

*establishment receiving from the public


"Provide your employees with quality water, by treating tastes, smells and ridding it of viruses and bacteria"

Company restaurant

"Use your taps to fill your jugs and adopt an eco-responsible approach by limiting the use of plastic while saving time and money"

Tourist establishment

In addition to bacteriological safety, eliminate bad taste, odours and suspended particles from your water

  • Clean and purified water without the use of
  • Chemicals No need to buy bottled water
  • Less waste to recycle
  • Less logistics and handling to manage


"Save on your water consumption"


"Give your customers the benefit of filtered and safe water by doing something for the planet"


"To clean up drinking water stored or coming from natural sources"